Pro ODP .NET for Oracle Database 11g

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Pro ODP .NET for Oracle Database 11g
by Edmund Zehoo

ISBN-13 (pbk): 978-1-4302-2820-2
ISBN-13 (electronic): 978-1-4302-2821-9

Pro ODP .NET for Oracle Database 11g

About the Author
  Edmund Tan Zehoo is the Chief Technical Officer of an e-forms and workflows solution vendor based in Singapore. He took the role of lead architect in the design of several workflow products, one of the most popular being the Quickflows product. He has also spent the last eight years building performance critical .NET e-forms and workflows solutions hosted on top of Oracle databases for large companies and governmental institutions in Singapore.

  Edmund is a frequent speaker at various workflow conferences held in Singapore and Malaysia, and continually preaches about the synergistic power of using Oracle with the .NET framework. During his free time he can often be found engaging in his favourite pastime exploring the innerworkings of the brain and mind, with the ultimate goal of writing intelligent software to emulate the behavior of the mind. He is also an avid believer in the Technological Singularity.

Contents at a Glance
  Contents at a Glance iv
  Contents v
  About the Author xvii
  About the Technical Reviewer xviii
  Acknowledgments xix
  1: Introduction to Oracle .NET Connectivity 1
  2: ODP.NET: A Functional Overview 19
  3: Connecting to Oracle with ODP.NET 49
  4: Retrieving and Manipulating Data with ODP.NET 69
  5: Using PL/SQL and .NET CLR Stored Procedures with ODP.NET 117
  6: ODP.NET Globalization 161
  7: Transactions with ODP.NET 187
  8: Oracle Database Change Notifications with ODP.NET 205
  9: Using Oracle Database Streams Advanced Queuing with ODP.NET .223
  10: Oracle XML Support 253
  11: ODP.NET Security Features 287
  12: ODP.NET Performance 317
  13: Design Patterns and Considerations in Using ODP.NET 351
  14: ODT.NET Tool Basics 373
  15: Building Data-Driven Applications with ODT.NET 401
  Index 429

Pro ODP .NET for Oracle Database 11g Download:

Pro-Odp.Net-for-Oracle-Database-11g.rar (7.47 MB)



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